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50 Cool Status For WhatsApp And Facebook 2018

Cool Status For Whatsapp And Facebook-Short Cool Quotes: Thanks for visiting once more time friends, we like to welcome you all to our a different article. If you are searching for Cool Status |Cool Quotes for WhatsApp then we must say you are in the exact place. We are finally dealing with to get ready the collection of best Cool Status For Whatsapp and quotes from different website sources, you definitely going to love our collection. Also note, while copying any study status or quotes

We have integrated all type of status which you can share to convey your approach thought anywhere and treat anyone on Whatsapp status. At this stage, we are going to share with you best Whatsapp Status, messages, and short quotes. Just scroll down and you will find the best collection of best WhatsApp status. Hope You Enjoy it and you can also share your feelings with us in the comment sections.

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Coolest Whatsapp and Facebook Status and Quotes

Girls Love is like rain which doesn’t goes up once it falls on the ground.

Too much sadness in life so maybe search for happiness.

Call me later because Life is not short as you think

Those of you who don’t know “laughing out loud” is equal to LOL !!

Make sure you give me your Bank code before u die !!

Most men uses the word “Finally” after getting divorce!!

Speaking is easier than doing in real.

Never think how well you have done therefore Just wait for the results.

The smart phones are better than girlfriend cuz we can switch it off whenever.

Don’t call me then if You are a men !

Life is way important than you think therefore you must not left things for tomorrow !!

You won’t believe how fast my heart beats when I don’t see you

Nothing stays forever on earth but God does !!

If you treat me like a girl then I will treat you like my brother

Maybe Motivate only when you find a weakness.

Beat other and be the best but never cheat!

Pain gives you a real lesson probably when heart breaks!!

Don’t look for happiness in the same place.

If you think you can’t do it then you can never do anything in you life.

Good Whatsapp status can make others day !!

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Cool and Best status ever

Don’t forget to skim through your test (maybe a good message for students)!!

Sleeping whole day.

You have something wrong then you deserve punishment.

Bad people always teach you the right lesson in your life.

Do what you can and as always try what you can’t do !!

We don’t have equal energy but we do have same opportunity.

Never forget your history

Replace your punch with your slap

Can’t Talk so only speak

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Cool Whatsapp status

Once you fade away as a result then you can’t come back !!

Fake friend believe in rumors however the real ones believe in you.

Make sure Family is always more important than Friends !!

Your lips seems dry so would they like to attract mine.

Treating me like a chicken in a company meet – ing.

Life is short so STOP waste it reading my Whatsapp status

My haters make me famous and that’s why I love them.

Always laugh without teeth so that could make others laugh.

Funny feelings can sometimes make someone cry !!

Girls just love Whatsapp because it is FREE!!

People’s love stays the same to those special ones.

True feeling are just fake however the love is always true.

I have seen many times that the life after marriage is actually boring especially for men!!

Phone’s battery is going to run out soon.

Most of all I would like to thank my wife for giving me so much love. (another nice excuse to make your wife happy)

Life is like a roller coaster.

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So this above given is the Cool Status.There is a lot of people who use Whatsapp.That why I am back up the people to updating Best “Cool Status” in English.In this site, I publish all type of status. So, Here was the Most Recent Collection of  Whatsapp Status. Many People Daily Sends Best Short Status for Whatsapp or Short Quotes to their Loved Once. You can also share this Collection of Love Whatsapp Status & Love Quotes. cheers for the day and stay connected.Thank you


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